November 29, 2005 at 6:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Well have been busy today, we have an extra cage of birds to take care of, well its only temporary and only to clean (for now).
made some agar plates jsut now, which is horribly boring work… but hey it has to be done… took me 1.5 hours… sjees… hmm lemme see had 5 bags of 25 plates… so.. I did 121 plates… atleast we have enough for a while, Debbie also did a bunch, mind you we use a lot of those plates per day, about… 46 per day…

Ahh well…

Need to get up half an hour earlyer tomorrow… so going to try to go to bed early again… which I ofthen do and miserably fail to… usually not in bed before 0:00…
Well… I never needed much sleep… but then I need to be concentrated when I work…

And I finnaly made some progress on my report for school today… have a couple of lines of introduction, which isn’t much but its a start 😉
Hmm knowing me I’m going to rewrite that, but still, its not tobad, its a start and that the thing I have the most trouble with.

Well today was a good day, just need to figure out what to eat tonight.



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  1. hmm. Making plates? Sounds a lot like graining stones for lithography, which you need to do before you actually draw on them. The stones are heavy, and you need to rub them on top of each other with carborundum grit in between them; it takes a long time and it’s not only boring, it wears you out!

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