November 26, 2005 at 5:05 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Well.. I’m on a windows machine right now… *shiver* man.. does it suck… its pretty fast.. but it still sucks… bloody fir4wall.. cant doe anything.. even blocked connections to ssh and stuff liek that.. but they did leave the msn shit open.. which is a prety big security risk I would say…

Anyway… didnt have time to blog yesterday, been pretty busy, was planning to stay home but then I was convinced I needed to go bowling 😉 well it was fun 🙂

Bank blocked my pin card.. which definetly sucks… had to use the creditcard to get some money.. and thats expencive to pin with that (like almost 5 euro per transaction.. so I got a fair amount in one time so I can sing it out till I can get back home.

Uhg.. bloody firewall.. doesnt allow me to connect to anything…

The reason i’m at this windows machine is, well as you all know my iBook is having  trouble, and I still need to do this math assignment and report for school… an well.. it sucks but I need Exel for that.. the report I can do in OpenOffice (have a live cd of ubuntu linux, not my fav distro but it will work (I hope))

I know openoffice also has a excel liek ethingy but it still lacks some functions I need.. unfortunatly…

Well… ther eis a storm in the Netherlands.. well yesterday.. havnt noticed much of it being on the island … I hope it will snow here aswell.. I WANT SNOW!!!

Hmm should work on my math…

OH FUCK Even firefox sucks if it runs under windows.. HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE WORK ON THIS SYSTEM!?!?!

Well.. going to make another post if my ibook is recharged (probably will do it tomorrow…)




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