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November 24, 2005 at 12:58 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Its 0:40 now… I wanted to go to bed.. but then I realised I didnt have the new podcasts yet.. (and I like lsitening to some before going to sleep) so.. grabbed my puter and walked to NIOZ…
So.. just in case you silly people don’t know about podcasting… since I talk a lot about it, go to now, I big misunderstanding is that you need an iPod for podcasts, well thats not true, I use an ipod but its not a must. Mostly podcasts are mp3 files (tho some are enhanched m4a files or something which doesnt play on every device) well check out the site, also to the right of this page you find some podcast links. Check them out ok 😉 Accident Hash is very good if you like music, Daily Source Code is a thing made by Adam Curry (he used to work for MTV) and he is know as ‘the Podfather’ he started it all, and on his podcast you hear music and info about podcasting. is good for info, and is where you can find ‘podsafe music’ the mainstream radio music isnt allowd to be played on podcasts, but believe me.. if you listen to podsafe for a while, you won’t miss it.
Ok.. this is starting to look like a podcast commercial, so on with the blogging.

We just saw the new Harry Potter movie, its ok, I think it could have been better, they cut a lot out of the book again, but that was expactable, but I missed a couple of things even tho its been… hmm well a long time ago I read the Goblet of Fire. Its not as bad as part 3 tho, thatone really sucked. this is definatly better… I think the cast is getting to old actually… they need to hurry with the other movies else they are to old… and it would be horrible if they would change the cast… All in all… it was fun, been a while since I saw a movie with a large group 🙂

Suprevisor is back, session starts tomorrow, poured agar plates today, where some problems with the slides I did last couple of days, but nothing seriously, we can still use the values I found *whew* wouldn’t it have sucked if all that work was for nothing…

Well… after 1 now… really should go to bed… so signing of, goodnight.


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  1. Podcasts???

    Oh, I haven’t seen the new Potter, but then again, I didn’t even know it was out, I better arange something, (note to self: maybe meet with Phil or something).

    (note to self: How will I remember the other note to self when its on a random page of someones blog).

    (note to self: and which note to self is it for that matter, since there are now 2 3.)

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