Hi everybody! I love working weekends!

November 20, 2005 at 11:25 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Ok, I had started a blog a couple of days ago at stevie.spymac.net/blog/ however.. its not that great… so thanks to Ian who send me an invite for this place I will continue blogging here.

I love working weekends.
Really I do…
So nice when there’s noone around
Just a couple of people in the building can do everything the way I wanted to, take a break when I feel like it.
Right now I took my iBook to the small converence room (during weekdays I cant go here during the day) plugged it into the network, got a cup of hot chocolate. my bread… very nice

Ok.. some more about me here.

I’m a student in Groningen. currently at Texel (island of the Netherlands) doing a practical period at the NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) I have a small room here.. lemme see I have a picture…
Its called ‘Potvis’ about 30 people can live here at any time.

Desk and window


Washing thingy and the door…

Its not much, but I’m only there to sleep really… there a commen room with tv and bar, 2 kitchens showers toilets…
And its a 5 minute walk from the NIOZ buildig wich is nice, never have to go far to get to work
well NIOZ is pretty big.. takes me 5 minutes to get from Potvis to NIOZ, and then another 5 to get to the lab I need to be

I work at several places in here. Currently I’m counting slides (bloodsmears(of birdblood)).
Cant tell to much about the exact work I’m doing ofcource.. this being research and all… even tho I think reseach could be better if we ‘open sourced’ it

Well thats enough for now.


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