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Yes actually working on my school stuff and setting up a protocol for the project I start the 9th.

Have been having a good day today, kim is leaving Potvis tonight, going to miss drinking tea with her and the rest.

Going to be busy next couple of days, when I’m online I’m going to be behind the firewall most of the time, still havn’t been able to bypass the thing 😉 (can you believe they have 3? and they mainly block things from going outside?)

Soo.. not much MOOing unfortunatly.

Besides Kim leaving it has been an uneventfull day.

Worked, did laundry worked some more… so now I’m here blogging again, and working on my project.

Might add something more later, but atm I’m kinda boring I guess.



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Well have been busy today, we have an extra cage of birds to take care of, well its only temporary and only to clean (for now).
made some agar plates jsut now, which is horribly boring work… but hey it has to be done… took me 1.5 hours… sjees… hmm lemme see had 5 bags of 25 plates… so.. I did 121 plates… atleast we have enough for a while, Debbie also did a bunch, mind you we use a lot of those plates per day, about… 46 per day…

Ahh well…

Need to get up half an hour earlyer tomorrow… so going to try to go to bed early again… which I ofthen do and miserably fail to… usually not in bed before 0:00…
Well… I never needed much sleep… but then I need to be concentrated when I work…

And I finnaly made some progress on my report for school today… have a couple of lines of introduction, which isn’t much but its a start 😉
Hmm knowing me I’m going to rewrite that, but still, its not tobad, its a start and that the thing I have the most trouble with.

Well today was a good day, just need to figure out what to eat tonight.


‘I should come up with better titles…’

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Havnt been able to internet yesterday, was a crappy day at work… clay got stuck in the capillary so I had to cut it open, ofcource spilled blood with that, and there wasn’t that much of it already… was kind of a bad bleeder. And then I found out (just in time) i forgot to put on the thermobath. well in the end everything has gone well.. but I left it a short day, being sunday and all and not to great a day… however the rest of the day was nice, had an early dinner with Anita (girl that works here). there was noone else around at that time so we figured we might as well eat together and it was fun 🙂

Well so here I am, again at a windows machine, well  have to do…

I plan to be online later today with my iBook (not beind the firewall also) so might post something then as well. currently nothing more to report.


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Well.. I’m on a windows machine right now… *shiver* man.. does it suck… its pretty fast.. but it still sucks… bloody fir4wall.. cant doe anything.. even blocked connections to ssh and stuff liek that.. but they did leave the msn shit open.. which is a prety big security risk I would say…

Anyway… didnt have time to blog yesterday, been pretty busy, was planning to stay home but then I was convinced I needed to go bowling 😉 well it was fun 🙂

Bank blocked my pin card.. which definetly sucks… had to use the creditcard to get some money.. and thats expencive to pin with that (like almost 5 euro per transaction.. so I got a fair amount in one time so I can sing it out till I can get back home.

Uhg.. bloody firewall.. doesnt allow me to connect to anything…

The reason i’m at this windows machine is, well as you all know my iBook is having  trouble, and I still need to do this math assignment and report for school… an well.. it sucks but I need Exel for that.. the report I can do in OpenOffice (have a live cd of ubuntu linux, not my fav distro but it will work (I hope))

I know openoffice also has a excel liek ethingy but it still lacks some functions I need.. unfortunatly…

Well… ther eis a storm in the Netherlands.. well yesterday.. havnt noticed much of it being on the island … I hope it will snow here aswell.. I WANT SNOW!!!

Hmm should work on my math…

OH FUCK Even firefox sucks if it runs under windows.. HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE WORK ON THIS SYSTEM!?!?!

Well.. going to make another post if my ibook is recharged (probably will do it tomorrow…)



Session started

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Well the session started, so 15 days in a row messing with birds 🙂
Always difficult to start up after a couple of weeks, but we managed.

Short blog today, since the iBook battery is almost empty… played with it to much this afternoon, while I should have been working…) well I did ok…
Don’t think I’ll be online tonight, having rather bad weather here, and I dont like walking with my puter in the rain (even if its a 5 minute walk).

Late night post…

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Its 0:40 now… I wanted to go to bed.. but then I realised I didnt have the new podcasts yet.. (and I like lsitening to some before going to sleep) so.. grabbed my puter and walked to NIOZ…
So.. just in case you silly people don’t know about podcasting… since I talk a lot about it, go to now, I big misunderstanding is that you need an iPod for podcasts, well thats not true, I use an ipod but its not a must. Mostly podcasts are mp3 files (tho some are enhanched m4a files or something which doesnt play on every device) well check out the site, also to the right of this page you find some podcast links. Check them out ok 😉 Accident Hash is very good if you like music, Daily Source Code is a thing made by Adam Curry (he used to work for MTV) and he is know as ‘the Podfather’ he started it all, and on his podcast you hear music and info about podcasting. is good for info, and is where you can find ‘podsafe music’ the mainstream radio music isnt allowd to be played on podcasts, but believe me.. if you listen to podsafe for a while, you won’t miss it.
Ok.. this is starting to look like a podcast commercial, so on with the blogging.

We just saw the new Harry Potter movie, its ok, I think it could have been better, they cut a lot out of the book again, but that was expactable, but I missed a couple of things even tho its been… hmm well a long time ago I read the Goblet of Fire. Its not as bad as part 3 tho, thatone really sucked. this is definatly better… I think the cast is getting to old actually… they need to hurry with the other movies else they are to old… and it would be horrible if they would change the cast… All in all… it was fun, been a while since I saw a movie with a large group 🙂

Suprevisor is back, session starts tomorrow, poured agar plates today, where some problems with the slides I did last couple of days, but nothing seriously, we can still use the values I found *whew* wouldn’t it have sucked if all that work was for nothing…

Well… after 1 now… really should go to bed… so signing of, goodnight.

There is network on the lab :)

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Well by accident I found some network ports in the lab… very sneakly hidden away. and its behind the firewall.. so lot of connections I cant make, like icq, MOO’s etc. however it is enough to get my podcasts and to blog a bit 🙂 gmail isnt being fetched tho, thats a problem.. but I still can read it if I log on to the site.
Skype works.. thats nice… but its not like I’m going to make anycalls from here in the lab… like to have a bit more privacy for that, and its not that anyone ever skypes me…
For some reason most windows users I talk to dont like skype…wonder whats up with that… I have no problems with it on Linux and on Mac.

Did 4 slide counts so far, bird session starts again on the 24th, so probably have some more interesting stuff to tell, atleast I have some more interesting stuff to do than counting slides. Also did laundry today… which is also pretty boring.
Yesterday evening/night played some table tennis… had fun with that… real workout 😉


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MONDAY! YAY…. for me just another day at work… lot of people walign around looking like they wanted it was still weekend, well you know what, so do I.. its to crowded like this ;P
Well… counted 4 slides today… doesnt sound much, but I also did some shopping (is a 6Km bike trip to the store) and concidering it takes between 40 and 60 minutes per slide… AND its not good to look through the microscope for to long, I think I managed well… I wanted to do 6 today… but when doing the 4th I decided to do 5… but then.. while looking at #5… I decided to go home 😉
Luckely with the slides I have some liberty to how many I do per day… however I would like to do more then 4 per day… so we will see how tomorrow goes…

And in other news… done very little today… been nasty weather, fortunatly dry when I was out to the store… got some food supplies. Will last me for another week.
Hope to have something interesting to tell here soon, but my life has been quiet uneventfull lately.
Hmm let me put in a picture of the complex I live, nice rainbow, and the fence because they are tearing it down…Potvis

Well thats it for now. cya!

Hi everybody! I love working weekends!

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Ok, I had started a blog a couple of days ago at however.. its not that great… so thanks to Ian who send me an invite for this place I will continue blogging here.

I love working weekends.
Really I do…
So nice when there’s noone around
Just a couple of people in the building can do everything the way I wanted to, take a break when I feel like it.
Right now I took my iBook to the small converence room (during weekdays I cant go here during the day) plugged it into the network, got a cup of hot chocolate. my bread… very nice

Ok.. some more about me here.

I’m a student in Groningen. currently at Texel (island of the Netherlands) doing a practical period at the NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) I have a small room here.. lemme see I have a picture…
Its called ‘Potvis’ about 30 people can live here at any time.

Desk and window


Washing thingy and the door…

Its not much, but I’m only there to sleep really… there a commen room with tv and bar, 2 kitchens showers toilets…
And its a 5 minute walk from the NIOZ buildig wich is nice, never have to go far to get to work
well NIOZ is pretty big.. takes me 5 minutes to get from Potvis to NIOZ, and then another 5 to get to the lab I need to be

I work at several places in here. Currently I’m counting slides (bloodsmears(of birdblood)).
Cant tell to much about the exact work I’m doing ofcource.. this being research and all… even tho I think reseach could be better if we ‘open sourced’ it

Well thats enough for now.

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